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Skin Treatments for Dry Hands that Work!

Frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizers, washing dishes, and cleaning with disinfecting products all take a toll on the hands. These harsh chemicals strip the natural oils right out of our skin. The result: dry, irritated, and possibly even cracked skin on our hands and fingers. Using hand cream or lotion may give you some temporary relief, but most creams and lotions available today are thin and watery. They absorb quickly but in order to get any lasting benefit, you have to reapply them multiple times per day. Glysolid works differently. For soothing relief of dry skin, we've provided our suggestions on using Glysolid that will help your skin look and feel better quickly.

Day Time Therapy

Glysolid can be used like other skin creams and lotions. Massage a small amount of Glysolid (about the size of a pea) all over your hands. It is best to do this after washing your hands, where your hands are warm and moist from the water. You'll find that your hands will remain moisturized throughout the day.

If you prefer not to have the cream on the inside of your hands, one method is to place a little Glysolid on the back side of one hand. Massage the cream in by rubbing the back sides of both hands together until Glysolid is nicely distributed. Alternatively, you could use Glysolid as a spot treatment, massaging a tiny amount just onto any trouble areas. If the cream is on a part of the hand that would rub off quickly, such as finger tips, cover the area with an adhesive bandage to allow the cream to work while you get on with your day.

Night Time Therapy

You may find Glysolid to be a little thick to use during the day, especially if you have to work with your hands. But luckily a night treatment of Glysolid is even more effective, helping your hands feel better quickly. Massage a small amount of Glysolid (about the size of a pea) all over your hands, applying extra to any dry areas. Do this at night, right before bed, to let Glysolid work while you sleep. If you're concerned about getting Glysolid on your bedding, cover your hands with loose-fitting socks. Repeat this treatment nightly or as needed.

After Shower/Bath Therapy

The best time to lock moisture into the skin is after finishing a shower or bath, when your skin is warm and hydrated from the water. After drying yourself but before your skin loses the moisture from the shower, massage a small amount of Glysolid (about the size of a pea) all over your hands. Apply extra cream to any dry spots. You'll notice that the warmth of your freshly-bathed skin will help Glysolid spread and absorb more easily. The glycerin in Glysolid, a natural humectant, will hold onto the moisture and your skin will feel well-hydrated. Repeat this treatment after every shower/bath or as needed.

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