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Skin Treatment for the Lips

When lips get dry and chapped, especially in the cold Winter months, they can become red and painful. You'll be happy to know that Glysolid works wonders as a lip balm. Massage a tiny amount of Glysolid over your lips. You'll feel the relief almost immediately as your lips get quenched with moisture. Continue using Glysolid until your lips feel smooth and soft again. You can also regularly apply Glysolid to your lips to keep your lips feeling soft and healthy year-round.

Special Tip:  After applying and massaging Glysolid onto your hands, gently press your lips to the back of your hand. This will transfer the perfect amount of Glysolid onto your lips. Do this everytime you moisturize your hands and you'll be keeping your lips soft and moisturized at the same time.

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